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What We Do

Greybridge takes an entrepreneurial approach to litigation finance.


We identify obstacles to the deployment of capital in support of litigation -- e.g., stage, size, and ripeness -- and facilitate successful deal-making to support high quality claims. This entails an experienced, nimble approach to litigation and litigation finance, and a willingness to explore and create markets that have previously been underserved.


Litigation Finance

Greybridge deploys capital to finance the costs of litigation, provide liquidity to law firms, monetize judgments or provide working capital to clients. Greybridge considers "outside the box" claims and investment structures to be untapped opportunities for the deployment of capital and realization of value. We are smart money. Our capital is flexible, effective, and comes with the added value of our expertise.


Greybridge focuses on commercial litigation investments of $250,000 or more.

Claim Incubation

Greybridge works with companies to evaluate and develop prospective claims, often in partnership with law firms or business consultants. We bring a "360-degree" perspective, to assess the financial, operational, and strategic opportunities in litigation, and contribute our greatest value when we help clients capitalize on rights that would otherwise have gone unasserted. In doing so, we generate positive returns for capital deployed in pursuit of those claims.

We aim to be both a funder and a business partner.


Areas of Investment
  • Breach of Contract

  • Intellectual Property Claims

  • Fraud & Business Torts

  • ​Construction Disputes

  • Appraisal Actions

  • Securities Litigation

  • Mass Tort

  • Insurance Coverage Actions

  • Whistleblower Suits

  • Employment Litigation

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